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Dear Doctor,

Do you have fearful, anxious, or dental-phobic patients?

Good news!  I would like to offer you the use of my facilities for you to perform your general dentistry procedures on your patients.  I will be happy to administer Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation to your patients while you treat the patient.  All you have to do is have your patient come to my office at a scheduled time, bring all of your own instruments/equipment for the general dental procedure that you plan on doing, and provide your own assistant. 

Benefits include the following:

  • Patient comfort and peace of mind.
  • Dentist comfort and focus on procedure at hand.
  • More can be accomplished in one appointment.  Theoretically, there is no “time limit” for IV sedation, and I can keep the patient sedated for the necessary time for you to complete the dental procedures.  This allows for “quadrant dentistry” or even “full mouth” dentistry to be done.
  • Expert administration and monitoring of sedation by me, without any distraction.  My full attention will be solely on sedating and monitoring your patient!   
  • Recovery and follow-up care of patient: I will make sure that the patient is fully recovered and alert, and will follow-up with a phone call the night of the procedure.
  • Modern and comfortable patient operatories.



I am licensed and certified to perform Conscious Sedation at my office, and I carry all medications necessary to administer sedation, as well as treat medical emergencies.  My staff is trained to help me start the sedation, monitor the patient, and help recover the patient.  We have all the required emergency equipment, as well as vital signs monitoring system.

Conscious sedation is very safe, with a low risk for adverse events.  Even so, I will review patient medical history very thoroughly and make sure that the patient is a suitable candidate for sedation prior to scheduling.  I have all informed consent forms, and will personally discuss with each patient prior to administering sedation to them.

If this interests you, please give my office a call, and I will be more than happy to discuss further with you.

General patient information regarding sedation can be found at this link: Conscious Sedation


Best regards and best wishes,

Michael Nguyen DDS MS

Bay Periodontics and Dental Implants, Inc.


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